Conducive Learning Infrastructure

JUGALBANDI, the learning studio for music and dance, provides a comprehensive infrastructure conducive for learning & moves beyond the traditional teaching model of educators and students in classrooms.

Each and every learning tool and teaching model adopted at our learning studio is incomparable & advantageous. They provide exclusive offerings that bring together students and teaching teams.


  • Fully equipped Keyboard hall having high quality keyboards and headphones with each keyboard for group and solo students.
  • Electric and acoustic guitars, guitar stands, book stands & foot stools provided in GUITAR LAB for all guitar students.
  • Full instrumental support provided in the studio for each VOCAL student.
  • Well lit Clean and air-conditioned Dance hall and learning studios.
  • CD players, software's and recording systems used and provided for more interactive learning.
  • Well furnished waiting area for parents & students.
  • Internet facilities.
  • Practice facilities for JUGALBANDI students.
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