Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, which is often contrasted with speech. Voice is a natural instrument which does not need any outer help to manifest itself. This is the reason why vocal music is considered to be the highest form of fine arts. No previous experience or knowledge is required to enroll for the singing classes.

We teach both SHASHTRIYA and SUGAM SANGEET i.e. Classical & semi Classical music and contemporary hindi songs including Ghazal, Fusion, Sufi, Bhajan, Bollywood songs etc.

Vocal Course Outline

  • Contemporary Style Singing – You'll learn what's required to perform with authenticity and confidence in different styles.
  • Improvement of pitch, tone, range and awareness of different registers.
  • Corrections in rhythm if required.
  • Harmonizing – This area is very important because it allows you to communicate with other musicians and enhance your creativity.
  • Aural (Ear) Training – Helps you develop a good musical ear, which is an essential skill for all singers.
  • Basic Keyboard knowledge – We teach you basic notes on the keyboard, which will assist you in singing, arranging and composing songs.
  • Introduction of Staff notation and Sight reading – Makes you able to learn songs, allowing you to respond quickly in a number of professional situations including studio session work and live performances.
  • Stage techniques - we will teach you physical performance techniques like body movements, eye contact, communicating with the audience, interaction with other musicians.
  • Live performance – At JUGALBANDI we provide you a platform to put all the above mentioned points into practice- onstage with a full band line up. An opportunity to sing with Senior Jugalbandi and Junior Jugalbandi Band.

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